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Starting today, I’ll Blog every Wednesday about a mental-health topic, from anxiety to depression to joy. Today it’s depression and men.

Tough-as-nails men break too!

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I’m not too surprised when women my age can relate to my book Journey to Joy.

After all, the book deals with perfectionism, anxiety and self-criticism—things I think come easily to women. But I am surprised when grown men are in tears at my presentations, and when they tell me their own stories of emotional struggle.

The first of these large, strong men messaged me one day and told me of the hard time his son was having. I sent him my book. Turns out, both he and his son could relate as they are both survivors of tough times, extreme sadness and depression.

This tough-as-nails guy messaged back:

“We all go through it but are scared to talk about it. You have brought me out of my bubble. I’m not the big tough guy everyone thinks I am.”

The second man who struck me with his vulnerability is a six-foot-three RCMP officer. He was a complete stranger to me, having attended a book reading in B.C. this summer. Sitting in front of me with his broad shoulders, and his confident grin, I could not have anticipated what was to occur after the reading.

The imposing and muscular gentleman walked over to me and asked if he could buy a book and have it signed. I shooed him away, telling him that his wife had already purchased the book, so there was no need for him to get one. He looked me in the eye with a look that was so sincere it almost broke my heart and he said, ‘No, I’d like a book just for me. I know where you’ve been, because I’ve been there too.’

I looked him squarely in the eye, and I did something I’m not proud of … I giggled. I smacked him on the side of the arm (because I couldn’t reach his shoulder) and I giggled and said, ‘No you haven’t. You’re a big tough cop.”

He looked back, this time with glassy eyes, and I knew he and I understood each other. We had indeed both ‘been there’ — there at the point of such despair that the world didn’t seem welcoming any more.

And so, I sold him the book and I signed it for him. In return, he promised that one day he’d share what he’d been through with me.

The third lovely fellow sent his wife over to fetch me during a book event. His wife asked if I could come to their car in the parking lot because her husband wanted to talk to me. I don’t usually go with strangers to cars in parking lots, but this time I did.

The elderly man was waiting there by the back of an open van. I looked inside and I saw hundreds of hand-carved boxes he had made. He told me to pick one. I protested and said I couldn’t and asked what I could pay him. He looked me in the eye, with those glassy eyes, and he said, ‘I want you to have it for the gift you’ve given me. I suffer too and now I know I’m not alone.’

So, I continue to get out there and sell my book. Not because I want to make money, or because I’m after recognition, but simply because those women and those men—the ones with the glassy eyes—help me to know I’m not alone, and I never have been.

To order Journey to Joy ($24.99), click on ‘Shop’.

Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com

It’s time for more joy … I know I could use a bit more in my life now that regular routines have kicked in and warm summer nights are fading away.

These events will focus on heart-and-soul issues to help you find your JOY! Email Lcfroese@sasktel.net for tickets & info.

On Friday, September 28, Sisters’ Bistro will host an Evening of Joy complete with a Journey to Joy book reading, a three-course gourmet meal and a joy workshop. These evenings have proven to be ‘magical’ with lots of love, laughter … and chef Alli Flaman’s awesome desserts and cocktails! Tickets just $55 (appetizer trio, main course and dessert) if purchased by Sept. 15.

Indian Head Library Book Reading on Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. FREE

The Urban Farmhouse in Saskatoon will play host to two Joy Workshops – one on Friday, Oct. 27 and a second on Saturday, Oct. 28. You’ve got to come out to see this incredible farm house, and to share some food, wine and joy! Tickets just $30.

Carlyle will host the first ‘SHOP FOR JOY’ event. Mark your calendars for Thursday, Nov. 8 when King’s Department Store opens its doors for a Journey to Joy reading and INCREDIBLE draws for FREE stuff. All you have to do is choose an item in the store that brings you joy, from Manitoba Mukluks to Silver Jeans, and two lucky winners will get $100 off their joy item, while four others will get 50% off. This FREE event will feature wine, appetizers and retail therapy! FREE

Join me for … more JOY!

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This is going to be fun … the Journey to Joy Book Launch train is pulling into Saskatoon this weekend. I am absolutely thrilled to be making one of my life-long dreams comes true—launching a book at McNally Robinson Book Store in Saskatoon.

Join me at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon on Friday, June 22 from 7 – 8 p.m. for a book reading and mini Joy Workshop!

Christalee6Thank you everyone for making Journey to Joy a sellout in just three weeks.

The book is officially the fastest selling book in my publisher’s 20-year history.

“Christalee Froese’s Journey to Joy: The Transformation of a Life…21 Days at a Time is Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing’s fastest-selling title in the company’s 20-year history—the first print run of over 1,000 copies sold out within three weeks of its launch!                                                           — Heather Nickel, publisher, YNWP

The second shipment of books has arrived, so may the sharing begin again.

Thank you to all who have given the book such great reviews:

 “Thank you! 

I’ve had this book for one hour and have already gone back for all the copies in our local Cole’s bookstore. It speaks to all the joy and pain of existence. Thank you Christalee.”

—Indigo Reader

“I could not put this book down! 

This book is a must read for anyone who has experienced a lack of emotional balance in their life, from mild discontent right through to severe depression. The author paints a vivid picture of her own personal journey using honesty and humour. By the end of the book I felt empowered and, yes, even joyous. I do not often read a book more than once but I find myself going back to Journey to Joy to re-read parts of it that spoke to me!”

—Indigo Reader

IMG_3387Today I held a draft of my first book in my hands—a moment that was six years in the making. It’s off to Saskatoon for printing, but in three weeks, Journey to Joy will be here for all to hold.

Thank you to my amazing publisher Heather Nickel of Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing for her talent, commitment and confident support.

Thank you to Creative Saskatchewan for generously supporting books which they believe will have a market outside of the province. I am honoured and humbled to be a recipient of a Creative Industries Production grant (www.creativesask.ca)Creative Saskatchewan logoIMG_3392

Pre-pay for Journey to Joy (released April 28) by emailing $24.99 to Lcfroese@sasktel.net (shipping not included). Book pick-up in Montmartre, Sask. April 28, 2018, or will ship at your cost.

Each pre-paid book order is entered in the FEBRUARY 1 draw for a one-week stay at Seventh Heaven Mountain House in Cranbrook, B.C.

Pre-order of 10 or more books receive a private reading at the home of author Christalee Froese.

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