Social worker Renate Selinger comments on book…


“As a seeker and a helper, I absolutely LOVED reading Journey to Joy!  What a gift this is to the readers everywhere…

Christalee has opened her heart, mind and soul to everyone who finds themselves opening this book.  She has shown us vulnerability at its rawest moments in her book by sharing her truth, her rock bottom times, her times of great joy and her times of challenges and battles, including those with the inner critic we all know.  Her writing is relatable, witty and emotional and also comes with regular giggles as her exuberant personality shines through.

Christalee shows us that through her darkest times in her life, her toughest challenges with depression, anxiety and the inner critic, that there is some light to be found.  We all have our own critic, challenges and moments of darkness and light, and this book brings that all together, and shows us how we can also rise up and reset.  Great soul searching is key to many things life throws in our way, and this book shows readers how to create new habits, how to find some inner light, tapping into our own strength and resilience, while calmly understanding there is no right or wrong.  There is a feel the fear and face it anyway and please laugh and love along the waytype tone that resonates with this book.

I am reminded that most people, well I think all people, just want to feel that they can say they are happy in life.  Christalee shows us that feeling happy can be found in simple moments of joy, peace and presence.  This book is a treasure, and I am excited to read it again.  I know this book will bring gifts in abundance of joy, gratitude, change and light to all of the lucky readers.”

—Renate Selinger, BSW

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