Ashes in a hottub?

After a day of spa-induced bliss in Banff, here’s my question: Can you have the ashes of your remains sprinkled in a hot tub? Sounds a little odd, but just think how warm, scenic and free of sharks it would be!

If you answered ‘yes,’ then I’d like my ashes spread in the Moose Hotel & Suites hot tub in Banff, Alberta (Lewis Froese – skip it if you think it’ll plug the filters). LOL!



Seeking the red chairs…

Have you heard about the red chairs?

I hadn’t until yesterday, but now I’m on a mission to find them all. Parks Canada has invitingly placed bright red Muskoka chairs in strategically scenic locations across Canada’s national parks.

I found these two at the top of Tunnel Mountain in Banff, Alberta (the 45 minute climb was worth it, both for the views and for the interesting people I met who were sitting in the chairs —brew pub owner Dan and his chocolate lab Lily).

In Saskatchewan, there are three in Prince Albert Park alone—I’m making it my mission this summer to find at least one set. And to bring along a picnic lunch so I can sit in these comfy chairs and truly enjoy what our amazing country has to offer. Thanks Parks Canada—great idea!


Canada 150 Bucket List…

What distinctly Canadian destination is on your bucket list?

I want to know where you’d go if you could travel anywhere in Canada?

I started my year-long adventure in Ottawa with a skate on the Rideau Canal (the world’s longest rink):

Next it was off to Quebec City to collect (and eat) maple syrup (a lot of it).

This week I’ll be riding the rails through the Rocky Mountains.

Come along … just hit ‘follow’ and I’ll post daily photos and video of my four-day Rocky Mountaineer ride from Vancouver to Banff.