It’s OFFICIAL – Macy legally has a mom & dad!

Message from Macy’s new mom Kelly Schultz (Oct. 26, China):

“She became totally, legally ours today! She has been in our hearts since we saw her picture on Reece’s Rainbow almost 18 months ago but today it is real! Macy Kay Schultz is here to stay! Thank you to my hubby Bill Schultz for saying “Yes!” once again to his crazy wife and opening his heart up to another perfect little angel! I love you and your heart so much! I can’t wait for Macy to meet her Daddy!”

Thank you to RODS & all of our friends and family who made this happen financially!

Macy & new new mom in China

Macy & new new mom in China

Macy in China

Macy in China

Noodles - yum!

Noodles – yum!

For six years Macy only drank from a bottle - now she gets noodles!

For six years Macy only drank from a bottle – now she gets noodles!

Message from Macy’s Mom

Emailed from China, Oct. 25, 2015:
It is funny how nervous/excited I was waiting for this moment. Totally different from my other adoptions and I’m not sure why. Maybe because we had to work so hard to prove to China that we deserved this treasure!   I am still in awe that she is mine and that she will come home with me in less than two weeks and sleep in her very own bed that has been waiting for her for over a year. She will wear all the pretty little clothes that have been just waiting to be worn by such a little Princess!  It is surreal, like a wonderful dream come true!
I brought her a toy remote control that lights up and plays music and it was a total hit although she uses it like a phone and knows exactly what it is for!  She came to me right away and I picked her up and hugged and kissed her and she just looked at me. I’m sure she was trying to figure out what was going on but she was great. They prepared her well. She said mama to me right away; they obviously had been practicing!  I brought out a baby doll for her and she took it and kissed it and patted it. Very sweet. She has my heart!
She is totally potty trained. They still give her a bottle three times a day with formula and rice cereal in it. I didn’t think to bring a bottle for a 6 year old so she ate it off a spoon today and was fine. We will get a bottle tomorrow for while we are here but once we are home she will switch to a cup. We ordered fried rice from Pizza Hut for her and she ate it with a spoon and did great and also drank from a cup for me.
She is talking some although I cannot understand her:). She seems to be doing very well developmentally. She copies us when we play and was obviously very well cared for. 
The director and two nannies came with to bring her and it was obvious they loved her!
My daughter looked up some of Journey’s photos to show them. Did she have something with her eye?  They remembered her and were happy to see her recent photos. 
Thank you again for seeing the treasure of this little girl!  She is going to do great things!
Macy with her new sister Madeline (China, Oct. 25, 2015)

Macy with her new sister Madeline (China, Oct. 25, 2015)

MEI CHEN, your mom is coming!!!!

Chinese orphan Mei Chen, who is now five years old, will meet her new family in 10 days. The Schultz family has officially adopted Mei Chen, giving her a beautiful new name ‘MACY SCHULTZ’

The Wisconsin, USA husband-and-wife team will travel to China on Oct. 20 and will receive their down syndrome daughter shortly after.

We are thrilled and so excited for the Schultz’s! Meeting Journey for the first time almost four years ago, was a life-changing moment we will never forget. It will be magic to see Macy learn how to hug for the first time, give kisses, and eat new food like strawberries and chocolate.

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To the people of Montmartre & area, and to the supporters of Racers For Orphans with Down Syndrome, I say a tearful thank you for donating SO GENEROUSLY to the cause of finding Mei Chen a mother and a father. Your caring has changed lives. Let’s watch this remarkable live-changing event unfold together!!!!!!!