I’m Christalee Froese, a journalist, an author, a mother … a nervous-breakdown survivor. My book, Journey to Joy, is a recollection of that painful time, and a reconstruction of my homemade joy project. I invite you to start your own joy project and give yourself some of the happiness you deserve:

   1 – Journey to Joy: Buy the book that started the More Joy Movement. Click here

     2 – The More Joy Challenge: We’re taking on topics of joy for 21 days each month like I did in the book. It could be peace, food, love, fitness, nature, music or joy itself. We’ll do it for a full year … come along and add MORE JOY to your life. CLICK HERE to join the More Joy Challenge.

     3 – Let’s Talk Tuesdays: Click Here for weekly discussions about anxiety and depression     

Join us for our first MORE JOY CHALLENGE event:

Barre Workout with Brit

Saturday, March 30—2:30 p.m.

Project Barre Studio, 1371 Broad Street, Regina


The Transformational Girls Getaway: Feb. 12 – 19, 2020
See details here